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Summer is closing in and you want the perfect outdoor space, but choosing the right material for your deck isn’t so simple. Maybe you find yourself living on the coast or in the tropics. Perhaps you’re out bush, living in bushfire-prone areas where the risk is worth being within a place you love. Fortunately, there’s a material solution that could give you the durability and longevity that you’ll be needing! Sydney Pool + Outdoor Design’s Thomas Henry sits down with the team from DECO Australia and former The Block stars Andy and Deb of DNA of Design, to talk all about DECO’s revolutionary decking product and how Deb and Andy have put this to use in one of their latest projects.

Images courtesy of Supreme Heating

DECO Australia, a leading manufacturer and supplier of architectural building products, was founded in 2004 by Director Ross Doonan. His expertise in the building industry and aluminium finishes led to the recognition of ground-breaking powder coating sublimation technology developed in Italy. The development of these new technologies and techniques for aluminium finishing was driven by DECO’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. DECO has since expanded its product range into decorative finishes for facades, interiors, cladding systems and innovative solutions like DecoBatten and DecoDeck. DECO Australia’s products have become a preferred choice amongst architects, builders and homeowners alike for sustainability, quality and cutting-edge design.

DECO Australia teamed up with Deb and Andy for their latest project, who are known for their time on The Block in 2019. They have since launched DNA of Design, a brand focussed on home renovations infused with wellness, lifestyle and natural inspirations sourced from the Queensland bush. DNA of Design specialises in sophisticated and accessible designs; Deb’s coastal flair and Andy’s knack for practical improvements both shine through. This leads to a unique approach, blending practicality and refinement.


DECO Australia’s decking system, DecoDeck has been designed for Australian conditions, blending timber’s natural beauty with aluminium’s strength and durability. It features the DecoWood wood grain finish, an innovation that replicates the look and feel of timber without the need for maintenance – no sanding, painting or staining necessary. This was perfect for the House 2 project, completed by DNA of Design.

DecoDeck features non-combustible properties, so it’s approved for use in bushfire-prone areas with a Flame Zone BAL FZ rating. The marine-grade DecoWood super durable powder coating is resistant to coastal environments as well as chemicals, making it ideal for use around pools and spas with a P4/R11 slip resistance rating. Aluminium construction techniques ensure it’s resistant to twisting, rotting, warping, splintering and termite infestation. It’s proudly Australian-made and available nationwide.

For their House 2 project, Deb and Andy were after something durable and with low-maintenance requirements, suited to the harsh Gold Coast environment. DecoDeck proved more than able to withstand relentless assaults from the salt air and intense sunlight. All that is required is regular cleaning with a mild detergent and water solution to remove dirt and grime for lasting beauty and functionality.

DecoDeck’s durability means it has seen significant success in bushfire-prone areas. Aluminium construction means its durability compared to other materials is inherent, and the wood-look powder coating is highly resistant to extreme temperatures. This means DecoDeck maintains its structural integrity even in the face of intense heat. If you’re living in a bushfire-prone area, DecoDeck can provide you with peace of mind and safety for your outdoor space.


“Working with DNA of Design on House 2 was a fantastic experience,” said the team from DECO Australia. “Their focus on creating a beautiful, durable and practical outdoor space amongst the picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland perfectly complemented the qualities of DECO’s products, particularly DecoDeck.” DECO and DNA of Design’s collaboration allowed for the seamless integration of DecoDeck into the project, and the outdoor space was immediately elevated by the product’s aesthetic versatility, durability and low maintenance requirements. DNA of Design’s expertise and commitment to quality ensured House 2 was visually stunning, functional and long-lasting. The partnership has resulted in a successful project that exceeded all expectations and provided the clients with a premium outdoor living solution.

“We definitely have a certain style, and our clients usually come to us because they connect with or like what we do,” said Deb Saunders, who specialises as the interior decorator and stylist half of DNA of Design. “We have now renovated or built nine houses. This has certainly taught us a thing or two and we bring those lessons with us to each build!” Every build comes with its unique challenges and House 2 proved to be no exception. In this most recent renovation on the Gold Coast, DNA of Design had to deal with a last-minute change to the floorplan due to engineering. “This saw us create a mezzanine above the kitchen where we had originally wanted high ceilings,” said Saunders. “We pivoted, and in the end, we created a stunning sitting area above the kitchen. This also helped with installing the kitchen lighting and creating coziness and task lighting in the kitchen itself.”


Images courtesy of Supreme Heating
Images courtesy of Supreme Heating

Images courtesy of DECO Australia