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With Australia’s blistering hot summers, it’s no surprise that the quintessential Australian dream includes a big backyard complete with a pool. Unfortunately, small property sizes don’t always allow for this kind of outdoor oasis, leaving homeowners to abandon the idea altogether. The solution? The small but mighty plunge pool. Sydney Pool + Outdoor Design’s Tabitha Lancaster sits down with Beau Rixon, manager at The Outback Plunge Pool, to discuss the wonderful possibilities that come with installing a plunge pool in your own backyard, regardless of what space you have. 

Images courtesy of Supreme Heating

The Outback Plunge Pool specialises in corrugated-style plunge pools, perfect for any outdoor space. Operated by a team of talented local craftspeople, The Outback Plunge Pool is a company that prides itself on providing Australian-made products. “Almost 90% of our pools, from the shells and liners to equipment, lights and fittings are designed and manufactured in Australia,” Rixon says. This not only keeps jobs in Australia but allows the company to provide a faster response time, with Rixon adding, “From order to installation, it can take as little as six to ten weeks.” This dedication to quality Australian products has positioned The Outback Plunge Pool as a leader in the industry.

Images courtesy of Supreme Heating


If you’re new to the world of plunge pools, you may not be aware of the ways they differ from traditional swimming pools. “A plunge pool is typically smaller and shallower, designed for quick dips or relaxation, while a regular pool is larger and deeper, often used for swimming and recreation,” Rixon explains. However, don’t let their compact size fool you. Plunge pools provide the perfect solution for would-be pool owners with limited space, particularly pools from The Outback Plunge Pool. “In the realm of outdoor design, The Outback Plunge Pool shines as a beacon of versatility and innovation, crafted to suit a diverse array of lifestyles and backyard environments,” Rixon says.

Rixon and his team are passionate about providing Australians the best product to suit their property and lifestyle.

“In a market often plagued by limited options, the frustration of selecting a pool that doesn’t quite meet one’s exact desires can be palpable,” he says. “However, the Outback option alleviates this dilemma by offering over 20,000 combinations, ensuring that every homeowner can discover their ideal match.”

Once the perfect pool has been chosen, the delivery and installation process can often feel daunting – but this doesn’t have to be the case if you opt for The Outback Plunge Pool. “One of its most notable attributes is its lightweight design, which revolutionises delivery and installation processes,” Rixon says. “Essentially, each pool is rolled into place, making it a hassle-free addition to any home compared to traditional pool installations.” Not only is this innovative pool easy to deliver and install, but the pre-plumbed equipment kit means you could be swimming within a day.


Despite the small size of plunge pools, don’t be fooled into thinking this miniature option has a limited range to suit your preferences. “When ordering an Outback shell, the customisation options are extensive, tailored to the individual preferences and spatial constraints of each homeowner,” Rixon says. “With seven widths and three depths to choose from, the pool accommodates both compact urban spaces and expansive backyard landscapes. Inside, owners can personalise the pool with five stunning internal colours, while the exterior boasts an impressive palette of 10 beloved COLORBOND colours along with a luxurious stainless steel option. Moreover, the customisation possibilities extend beyond aesthetics, offering features like lighting for a subtle glow, bench seating with steps for convenience, or even spa jets for the ultimate massage experience.”

With virtually no limitations on what properties can physically accommodate a plunge pool, it’s an option for everyone. “Central to The Outback Plunge Pool’s allure are its key features. Constructed with a solid corrugated steel shell, the pool ensures durability and longevity, while its premium Aqualux Pool liner provides a sleek finish,” Rixon says. On the equipment front, owners can choose between fresh water or mineral water systems, further tailoring the pool to their preferences. “Proudly Australian-made, the pool reflects the country’s high standards for quality and craftsmanship.”


Images courtesy of Supreme Heating
Images courtesy of Supreme Heating

Images courtesy of The Outback Plunge Pool