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Sydney Plunge Pools and Spas

Sydney Plunge Pools and Spas was created by the two partners, Tobias Lowe and Paul Jefferies, who have more than 35 years’ combined experience in the building industry.

The company specialises in concrete plunge pools and spas and tight access sites. With a team of licensed concrete pool builders, they are able to build or renovate any pool to their clients’ specification.

When dealing with Sydney Plunge Pools and Spas, you are dealing with the partners direct. The team limit the amount of pools built each year, dramatically increasing accuracy and efficiency of each project, working closely with the homeowner or architect to accommodate or overcome any problems and assist with any request as they become apparent.


Sydney Plunge Pools and Spas

Mobile: Tobias 0416 262 118 | Paul 0418 869 494
Email Tobias: tobias@sydneyplungepools.com.au
Email Paul: paul@sydneyplungepools.com.au
Website: www.sydneyplungepools.com.au