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SwimFresh Australia

Since 1987 Isaac Technologies have set the standard for pool and spa ozone water purification systems that keep Australian families healthy, refreshed and invigorated. SwimFresh pool and spa water is so pure and natural; it really is like swimming in silk.

The early days we began using Ozone generators in pools with a low level chlorine feeder that produced a fresh water pool with a hint of Chlorine. Then we progressed using Ozone Generators with King Neptune Ozone chemicals which produced a beautiful fresh water pool with no chlorine whatsoever. This then lead into a progression of using Ozone Generators with Ionisation and now has not only provided the ultimate in fresh water sanitation but also highly effective in very little chemical running costs.

Combining three natural sanitisers; Ozone, Silver and Copper ions, SwimFreshs range of Oxy Silver Purifiers will not produce any chlorine and sets the silver standard in supercharged oxygenated water for health, vitality and refreshment.

Because SwimFresh is designed and manufactured right here in Australia, it is the most superior Ozone water purification system on the market, engineered to suit our exacting standards and unique conditions. Isaac technologies together with Healing water Supplies, Key Pool equipment and Tassie Pools, have Australia covered in SwimFresh installations and providing the ultimate in fresh water pools, our services also range from basic pool care advise, servicing and upgrading all types of pool equipment.

You will feel the SwimFresh diference from the moment you immerse yourself in pure, energised, oxygenated water.



Tel: (02) 9604 4667
Website: www.swimfresh.com.au