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While we tend to invest a lot of time planning the overall design and layout of our backyards, sometimes this leads to the finer details being overlooked. Here, Jacinta Walsh speaks with Gavin Bazley, the director of Aquastone Pools & Landscapes, to discuss the ways supporting elements such as coping, paving and outdoor furniture can impact the visual and practical appeal of a backyard pool area.

Aquastone Pools & Landscapes

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, and putting the finishing touches to your yard is no different. It’s the simple things like a fresh coat of paint, a new varnish on your deck or versatile pieces of furniture that add character to a backyard, and are the reason why you’ll want to return to it each day.

Your outdoor space should feel as though it’s an extension of your home. It’s important that it receives the same level of care and attention to detail you show your interiors, while also encouraging your family to reap the benefits of Mother Nature.

Proven to lower stress, boost the immune system and focus our attention, spending time outside has never been so important. As we grow ever more attached to our screens, activities such as tending to a garden or playing in the pool will give you much-needed downtime, as well as a chance to spend quality time with your family.

Regardless of whether you’re starting afresh or restoring an existing exterior, read ahead as Sydney Pool + Outdoor Design learns that with a few practical and cosmetic changes, your outdoor space can continue to bring you joy for years to come.


Before defining zones within your backyard, director of Aquastone Pools and Landscapes Gavin Bazley suggests thinking about how you will use the space. “It’s important to make sure the positioning and functionality [of the space] is right,” he says. It’s best to include useful amenities that will complement your lifestyle, such as a pool area for recreation, an undercover area for alfresco dining and a landscaped garden to fill out the space.

When installing a pool, or simply updating your backyard, assess the area you have to work with. Are you best utilising the space?

If the answer is no, think about whether you are willing to part with large items that may be consuming precious square metreage, such as an old shed, cubby house or large tree. Once these items are removed, you’ll be impressed with just how much space you have to work with – but don’t take this for granted! Maintain balance by limiting yourself to the essentials, as overcrowding can make your newfound space suddenly seem a whole lot smaller.


When it comes to your pool, practical and visual considerations also need to be made. “Consider finishes that will complement your home, such as pavers, decking and fencing options,” Bazley says. While often overlooked, it’s these small design choices that can really elevate the look and feel of your outdoor space. “Pool coping is the edging that is placed around the top perimeter of the pool to create a border,” Bazley says.

“Most people use a natural stone paver as their coping material, such as travertine, limestone, sandstone, bluestone and granite in square-edged, rebated or bull-nose styles.” Keep in mind that paving in the same type of stone will create a seamless extension from your pool coping to pathways, outdoor entertaining areas and alfresco dining. While fencing around your pool is required by Australian law, it doesn’t have to impact the overall appeal of your backyard.

Aquastone Pools & Landscapes

Frameless-glass fences will ensure your pool area is safe as well as stylish, so that you don’t have to worry about intrusive bars interrupting the view from your entertaining area.


The main objective when refreshing your outdoor area is to make it as usable as possible. That said, a vital consideration is how to protect your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays. “Shade structures are becoming very popular,” Bazley says. “They become a focal point within the pool area, and are very practical in terms of offering somewhere to have a break from the sun.” Before committing to anything, address the aspect of your property – where does the sun naturally hit during key parts of the day? This is where you will need to install your shade option. However, if you’re looking to utilise the space in the cooler months, a pergola with retractable walls will do the job justice. Pop in an outdoor heater and you can have an ambient temperature year-round!


Many homeowners choose to include an alfresco area, or outdoor room, that connects with their home to further expand their open-plan living space. “Homeowners want a complete outdoor entertaining space where they can relax, swim and be together.”

But of course, how comfortable and usable this space is, comes down to how you style it.

When furnishing the area, select key pieces of furniture that will ensure the space is enjoyable each time you venture outside. Put careful thought into how you will dress the space as well.

“Beautiful outdoor furniture will make it a lovely place to relax in and enjoy,” Bazley says. Outdoor cushions and throw rugs can add a touch of warmth, while multiple chairs and lounge options will promote communal living. To ensure they stand the test of time, it’s also a good idea to provide a place to store these items when the weather turns.

While your outdoor area is meant to be an adaptable space, it’s often best practice to establish traffic patterns and lay formal pathways.

Aquastone Pools & Landscapes

When positioning furniture, face it away from walls and towards the pool, which Bazley says can be a feature at all points of the day.  “LED lights within the pool itself will make the pool look amazing at night, while light features are also a stunning way to dress up your alfresco area,” he says.


Landscaping the area will bring everything together by filling in any gaps you may have between the big feature zones; the pool and the alfresco area. Depending on your preference, style, available space, directional aspect, sun and shade requirements, your landscaper will be able to select the right plants for you.

Remember that you’re trying to create a space that you want to spend time in.

Treat your outdoor space with a little care and watch as it rewards you with afternoons and weekends of bliss. Create the perfect entertainer’s space, hidden oasis or family backyard as you become synchronised with nature and all it has to offer – right at your backdoor.

Images courtesy of Aquastone Pools & Landscapes