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South Coast Pool Heating
South Coast Pool Heating
South Coast Pool Heating
South Coast Pool Heating

South Coast Pool Heating

South Coast Pool Heating

Specialising in pool heating, pool covers and rollers

Solar Pool Heating is the most popular form of pool heating in Australia, It’s the most responsible way to heat your pool and also the cheapest!

South Coast Pool Heating provide solar pool heating, heat pumps, pool covers & rollers, DIY kits, installation and service. We offer Flexible Strip Solar Heating or Rigid Solar Panels for all sized pools.



Superior heat retention

Our Thermal Pool Covers are a cut above the rest with superior heat retention abilities, longer lasting, and more aesthetically pleasing. We understand that swimming pool covers are at times considered ugly, and that’s why we manufacture Thermal Covers, as throwing bubble wrap on your pool just doesn’t cut it.


At South Coast Pool Heating we pride ourselves on providing quality Australian Made products from ‘Sunbather’ and ‘Hayward’, professional installation and exceptional after sales service. We offer solar heating strip or panel installations and servicing as well as DIY solar pool heating kits.


More and more pool owners are hiding their pool covers underground using Sunbathers Downunder range. Everyone knows how great pool covers are for saving water and energy, however they don’t want to look at them. The Downunder range is easy to use for one person and is operated from a stand up position.


South Coast Pool Heating


South Coast Pool Heating

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Mobile: 0423 870 727
Email: sthcoastsolar@gmail.com
Website: www.southcoastpoolheating.com.au