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Silky Smooth

It might come as a surprise to pool owners that chlorine and salt sanitation systems are not the only options for maintaining clean and healthy water. SwimFresh® fits Australian pools with ozone purification systems which utilise three natural sanitisers: ozone, copper and silver ions. SwimFresh Oxy Silver Purifying (OSP) systems provide soft-as-silk water that is gentle on skin, hair, lungs and eyes. Free from allergens and bromine, OSP systems often come as a relief to those who suffer ill effects from swimming in chlorine pools.

While requiring a larger initial outlay than chlorine or salt sanitation systems, SwimFresh OSP systems will save their owners significant time and money; they sanitise significantly faster than salt or chlorine systems, do not corrode other pool equipment, and the backwash water can even be used on the garden. SwimFresh’s systems are designed and engineered to last 35 years, and come with a seven-year warranty for your peace of mind.