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Remco Australia

The PoolGuard is the newest pool cover from Remco Australia, and its multifunctional and durable design fosters a child- and pet-friendly outdoor space. Using state-of-the-art technology, the PoolGuard keeps your pool clean, heated and safe without compromising on quality or convenience.

The PoolGuard is designed with an abundance of one-of-a-kind features, which ensure the safety and efficiency of the everyday swimming pool. Its impenetrable material offers unparalleled safety by allowing small children and pets to walk along the surface.

While the cover is on the pool, the fully insulated fabric protects and maintains the pool’s water temperature and chemicals for an energy- and cost-efficient result.

Cleaning the water is one of the most time-consuming responsibilities in pool maintenance. To help with this task, PoolGuard creates a secure seal around the pool, which ensures the water remains clear of leaves, dirt, insects and other unwanted debris.

The PoolGuard is easy to install and comes in a range of colours to harmoniously blend with the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Remco Australia also offers the choice between a manual or motorised winder upon installation to ensure a stress-free and customised experience.

Simple and sleek, Remco Australia’s PoolGuard is the ultimate cover for any family that wants to enhance the quality of their swimming pool with ease.


Remco Australia

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