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The enjoyment of a pool can be a personal experience.

Some prefer the peacefulness of lounging by a body of water while they soak up the sunshine, while others take a more active approach and use their pool for fitness purposes. Whatever way you personally appreciate a pool, there’s nothing quite like the energy of your family coming together and making the most of a hot summer’s day by the pool. It’s the perfect chance for bonding between you and your family members, and offers plenty of opportunity to also get friends and neighbours involved as well. Whether you have young children and animals or kids rapidly approaching young adulthood, it is important to plan out your pool to ensure that everyone is safe and happy around the pool area. Here, Sydney Pool + Outdoor Design’s Robin Harper sits down with Gavin Bazley, director at Aquastone Pools and Landscapes, to discuss pools specifically installed with families in mind, and what that may entail.

Aquastone Pools and Landscapes

A multi-award-winning company, Aquastone Pools and Landscapes has been owned and operated by brothers Scott and Gavin Bazley since 1996. Learning the trade of pool construction from their father, Bill Bazley, the knowledge and care dedicated towards the design, construction and installation of pools was generationally bestowed to the sons from a young age. Having had the privilege of working with many clients from all over Sydney, the scope of Aquastone Pools and Landscapes’ projects have been varied, from small plunge pools all the way to large, all-inclusive projects.

“We specialise in difficult sites and projects that are not your standard pool – so there really is no job that is too big or difficult for us to tackle,” says Bazley. Aquastone Pools and Landscapes have a variety of existing pools that clients may already have in mind, or clients may consult with them on a custom design that’s specific to their site and personal requirements. The team can take care of everything, including the design, approvals and construction.

Being on-site at every stage throughout the construction of the pool, the Bazley brothers always make it a point to be reachable by clients to guarantee a smooth, stress-free experience. Their personalised service is a level of professionalism that takes their service to the next level, and is exactly why Bazley is the perfect person to share his insight on family pools and what you need to consider long before your pool reaches the construction stage.


“I believe a pool should be beautiful and complement the clients’ home and entertainment space,” says Bazley, “but it also needs to be functional and practical.” There’s much to consider when it comes to the planning and constructing of a pool in one’s yard. It has to meet the requirements of the clients while also blending seamlessly with its surrounds. Landscaping also has to be an additional factor to consider if you really want to take the incorporation of your pool to the next level.

When it comes down to it, Bazley’s first questions to a client are to ask how they intend to use their pool. “Do the have young children that will use the pool now and for many years to come? Do they intend to use the pool for exercise and swimming laps? Do they intend to mainly cool off and entertain family and friends? From finding out more about the clients’ needs, we can come up with a design that suits them,” he explains.

As an expert in the trade, it is essential for people like Bazley to be able to approach his clients with these questions to ensure that they’re getting exactly what they asked for. Where children are concerned, there are additional factors that must be taken into consideration – safety being paramount. “The most important safety measure is to have a compliant pool fence surrounding the pool,” says Bazley. “The pool fence needs to ensure it has self-closing pool gates to ensure the gates are not accidentally left open and become a risk for small children,” he continues. The materials that you use to construct your pool are also something to keep in mind. “It’s always a good idea to check the slip rating while selecting pavers around the pool,” Bazley says.


Outside of safety, one of the factors that may be the most important for many is the pool’s fun factor – especially children. To make the best use out of your pool and to ensure that your kids continue to enjoy it, it’s best to consider a few things. “I always like to recommend a large shallow step ledge that young children can play on whilst under supervision,” Bazley recommends. “A lot of clients also like to have some sort of water feature. Perhaps it’s something that children can interact with whilst in the pool,” he says. Bazley also recommends slides as a great addition to a pool for children, as it offers hours of entertainment – “and sometimes for the adults too!”

If installing a slide or a step ledge aren’t really what you’re looking for in your pool, Bazley also has some other recommendations. “If a client can extend their budget to include a spa, I will always recommend that to them. A spa is a great addition to any pool – it means the pool can be used all year round, as a heated spa can be enjoyed in winter,” he says. According to Bazley, you can also consider shade structures or cabanas as well, giving adults a place to sit comfortably and supervise children while they play in the pool.

All in all, there are many things to consider for families wanting to install a pool in their outdoor areas. To be able to install a pool for everyone to enjoy, you need to do your own research and consider what’s the best fit for the family.

Aquastone Pools and Landscapes
Aquastone Pools and Landscapes
Aquastone Pools and Landscapes

Images courtesy of Aquastone Pools and Landscapes