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Bayview Landscapes
Bayview Landscapes
Bayview Landscapes

Bayview Landscape Project 1

Custom Designed Haven

Located in Bardwell Park, this inviting environment provides an enjoyable space for the homeowner’s young family to spend more time outdoors from the comfort of their own home. The backyard is highly visible from within the home, with clear views of the area offered from the central hallways and kitchen. The vibrant pool is alluring at all hours, and can be admired from multiple internal living spaces.

The entirety of the space is designed to be visually appealing, while requiring minimal maintenance from the busy homeowners. The 7-metre-long pool provides ample room for throwing parties, which the children find particularly exciting. Artificial grass surrounding the entire pool adds a softness to the area that remains harmonious while also providing a point of contrast against the border fencing.

The fencing proved to be one of the key challenges when landscaping the property. To achieve a compliant space without sacrificing personality, three different types of screening were cleverly combined. Not only does the fencing divide the space, creating multiple entertaining areas and a water-safe environment, but it also adds pleasing visual interest to the area


Bayview Landscapes

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