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Partners In Pools

Australia’s leading fibreglass pool manufacturer, Narellan Pools, has forged a partnership with United States giant Latham Pools in order to unlock North America’s fibreglass market. The partnership with Latham Pools will support Narellan Pools by opening new markets around the globe, and expanding its industry-leading manufacturing capabilities.

Latham Pool Products has made a strategic investment in Narellan Pools to share intellectual property, develop new technology and revolutionise the global pool industry. The alliance, the first of its kind, is set to expedite domestic and global growth as both companies will combine collective skills and resources.

Narellan Pools’ managing director Chris Meyer will continue to maximise Australian and New Zealand markets while providing strategic leadership to strengthen the company’s position internationally. Narellan Pools is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and distributors of swimming pools. The penetration rate of fibreglass in Australia is approximately 70 per cent and still growing, compared to between ten and 20 per cent in North America – similar to the Australian market in the 1980s. Meyer will work closely with Latham Pools to increase this.

Of the partnership, Meyer said: “We’re incredibly proud to have built the biggest and best pool brand in Australia and New Zealand, and we are excited to join forces with North America’s leading pool company. This partnership allows us to maintain our strong manufacturing base in Australia, with added resources to aid our innovative research and development program. We have found a partner who shares our purpose and values, and most importantly, our vision of building the world’s biggest and most loved pool brands. |

“I am delighted with the opportunities this partnership gives our incredibly passionate people, both in manufacturing and franchising. I am proud of our humble beginnings…and it’s wonderful to be recognised on the global stage. Through our partnership with Latham Pools, we can now transform the global swimming pool industry, and I can realise the goal I’ve had for 20 years. It’s exciting to know [that], after 47 years, we’re just getting started.”