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Meet The Pool Builders – Issue 17

Articles From Issue 17

Freedom Pools has been constructing award-winning swimming pools throughout Australia for more than 40 years. Established in 1982 by Alan Bugden, Freedom Pools Sydney and Central Coast is a family-owned and -operated company that’s now run by husband-and-wife team Adam and Natalie Bugden. “Before he passed away, Alan had worked in the industry for more than 40 years,” explains Natalie. “His son Adam has been building pools for more than 26 years. I married into a family of pool builders, so the natural next step for me was to obtain my builders license. I’m fascinated by the challenges that come with building pools, and no two projects are ever the same.”
Initially servicing the Central Coast, the company has gradually expanded into Sydney, with multiple crews that operate in both regions.
“Freedom Pools Sydney and Central Coast works closely with a number of [local] leading design and building companies,” says Natalie.
“This allows us to stay innovative and ahead of the curve.” Specialising in high-end concrete pools, the company has executed more than 5000 projects since its inception. “We believe that no job is too

big or too complicated,” Natalie affirms. “If there is a dream, we will find a way to build it.” Comprising salespeople, technical support,
formworkers, pool plumbers and administrative staff, the multidisciplinary team have valuable experience in a diverse range of fields. “We
encourage our staff to understand all aspects of pool building,” says Natalie. “For example, our technicians are trained in formwork and our formworkers are capable pool plumbers, while our office staff regularly meets with customers on site to discuss designs.
“Our team is passionate about what they do and continuously strive to deliver pools that exceed our customers’ expectations.”
The team’s dedicated approach has garnered Freedom Pools Sydney and Central Coast well-deserved, industry-wide recognition over the years. It was a joint winner of the Traditional or Geometric Concrete Pools $50,001–$100,000 category at the 2017 Master Builders Association (MBA) of NSW Excellence in Pool Awards. Moving forward, the team at Freedom Pools Sydney and Central Coast will continue to think outside the box in order to deliver innovative pools. “We are consistently researching the Australian

and international markets to find new products to offer our clients,” says Natalie. “We have become the go-to company for designers and architects with pioneering designs, and we want to be known as the best, not the biggest, poolbuilding company.”

Founded in 2010 by husband-and-wife team Mark and Callie Holland, TradeMark Pools is a close-knit company that specialises in superior-quality spas, water features and concrete swimming pools. Based in the Northern Beaches, the business has quickly built a reputation for excellence throughout Sydney’s metropolitan area. “We are a [totally] family-run business,” explains Mark, the director of TradeMark Pools. “As such, we offer a highly personalised service from quotation right through to completion, and I am the first and only point of contact. There’s no system [in which to] get lost; our clients are not just a number and we build every project as if it were our own.” A fully licensed pool builder, Mark has been in the pool-building industry for more than ten years, and has personally worked on thousands of projects throughout his career. “After four-odd years as an employee, I became a subcontracting pool and spa plumber before starting TradeMark Pools,” he explains. “As a hands-on learner, I’ve had experience in all aspects of pool and spa construction.


“During my time as a subcontractor, I was fortunate to work for some of Sydney’s most reputable pool-construction companies. I [observed] how [these] companies completed projects, what products and processes they used, and the type of [tradespeople] they employed. [Drawing on] this unique learning experience, TradeMark Pools can provide the highestquality service throughout the entire duration of your project.” Since its inception, TradeMark Pools has designed, renovated and constructed more than 100 pools throughout Greater Sydney, and the team adhere to core company principles with every build. “[We] believe the devil is in the details; figuring [issues] out later is not an option,” says Mark. “I’ve seen many projects that could have been so much better with a little more planning. We consider every single element before construction [begins] to ensure we deliver the best possible outcome.” TradeMark Pools is an accredited member of the MBA, which means its pools are guaranteed to be of the highest standard. “[As]


an MBA member, [we] stay up to date not only with pool construction developments, but with industrywide issues as well,” says Mark. Looking towards the future of the industry, Mark believes that shrinking backyards will pose new challenges and exciting opportunities. “The current trend [of building pools on] subdivided blocks and small lots means that [standard] jobs are becoming much rarer,” he says. “A lot of current projects are tight-access jobs where cranes are utilised to [transport] machinery [onto the site], and sometimes hand-digging the pool is the only option.” With block sizes and backyards decreasing in size, pool builders need to adopt a more creative approach. Rather than building simple rectangular pools, the team at TradeMark Pools look forward to using their imagination and skills to create unique designs that are tailored for modern living. “[Current] demands [involve] designing something that works in a limited space, and then actually [having the ability] to build it,” he says. “We approach every unique challenge with a drive to create perfection.”