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ECC Pools

ECC Pools

For the last 13 years, ECC Pools have been enriching the family home with their classy, lavish pool designs. The company specialises in a variety of pools, including concrete, high-end and sloping blocks. In addition to pool design, ECC Pools also specialise in landscaping. Mick Masters helms the company and strives for excellence and quality with every project he takes on. The company operates throughout the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle.

The team is efficient, has a strong eye for detail and approach every job with a rock-solid foundation. ECC Pools provides excellent workmanship to ensure that the client’s requirements are met. In collaboration with Space Design Architecture Newcastle, ECC Pools ensured that the client’s dream became a reality.

The execution of clean, straight lines was key to fulfilling the client’s brief, which was executed with the use of highquality products. ECC Pools guarantees that the designs are created to perfection, adding a sophisticated touch
to the client’s home.











Bateau Bay
Email: office@eccpools.com.au
Website: www.eccpools.com.au


Latest Project

This classy, functional pool constructed by ECC Pools complements the neutral colour palette of the clients’ home.