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Cleva Quip (Hayward)

Hayward Pool Products is a subsidiary of Hayward Industries, the largest manufacturer of residential swimming pool equipment in the world. Hayward Pool Products designs, manufactures and markets a full line of residential pool equipment including pumps, filters, heating, cleaners, chlorination, automation, lighting and safety products. The company has built its global brand on innovation, energy-efficiency, safety and reliability.

Recognising the changing needs of its consumers and the importance of providing energy-saving pool equipment, Hayward Pool Products has designed and manufactured a new and unique range of Hayward Energy Solutions swimming pool equipment to meet the ever-changing requirements of modern pools and pool owners.

The TriStar VS is the first and only pump to have been awarded a nine-star rating for energy efficiency under the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) initiative’s Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). These pumps will save consumers thousands of dollars in energy over their lifetime, as well as run quieter and prolong the life of a pool’s filtration system.

The Salt & Swim 3C salt chlorine generator not only offers comfort and convenience but will also fully function while running on the energy-saving low speeds of Hayward Pool Products’ variable speed pumps. These products work seamlessly together to set a new standard in salt chlorine generation and energy solutions.

Hayward Pool Products has also mastered swimming pool comfort with the Universal H-Series gas heaters and EnergyPro heat pumps, which are energy-efficient, high-performance heaters that feature the ability to heat your swimming pool or spa on energy-saving pump speeds. These heaters allow you to swim longer in your pool, no matter the season.

The TigerShark QC robotic pool cleaner is the most advanced and reliable pool cleaner available. It brushes and scrubs while vacumming and travels everywhere in your pool. The best part of this robotic cleaner is that it will clean while your pump is on low speed, saving you time, energy and money.

The Hayward Energy Solutions products are an integral part of Hayward Pool Products’ concept of high-performance, patented components engineered to work together as a team to keep pools at their best. By combining innovative technology, quality products and single-source responsibility, the company has created the ultimate pool experience for your backyard getaway. Hayward Pool Products is the ultimate option when it comes to achieving the most energy savings.


Cleva Quip (Hayward)

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