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Celebrating 50 Years of Sunbather

Mar 5, 2024 | Industry News

In Australia’s pool industry, one name has held steadfast for half a century, enriching the joy of countless Australian families and setting the gold standard in pool heating innovation. Sunbather, born from humble beginnings in 1974, celebrates its remarkable journey of 50 years.

Established during an era of increasing environmental consciousness, Sunbather embarked on a mission that would reshape the pool landscape forever – introducing solar pool heating to Australia. This pioneering spirit set the company apart as it became the torchbearers of sustainable pool heating solutions, a distinction few can claim.

From those modest origins, Sunbather has blossomed into Australia’s finest solar pool heating and thermal covers company. Today, the business’ portfolio
boasts an array of cutting-edge products, including flexible strip solar, rigid solar panels and an array of covers and rollers catering to both domestic and commercial sectors.

With a team of approximately 70 passionate individuals, Sunbather has garnered a constellation of awards over the decades, cementing its status as the nation’s foremost authority in solar pool heating and thermal covers. But beyond accolades, Sunbather prides itself on its unwavering commitment to innovation, Australian manufacturing, and a steadfast focus on energy efficiency and climate care.

As Sunbather steps into its next chapter under the wing of Fluidra, the future beckons with promise and possibility. Excitement mounts as the company looks forward to pushing the boundaries of energy consumption and retention in the pool industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology to further elevate the swimming experience while minimising environmental impact.

Reflecting on 50 years of excellence, Sunbather acknowledges that its success is not just a product of innovation but a testament to the dedication and vision of its people. As the company continues to reach new heights, Sunbather remains committed to shaping a future where every dive into the pool is a celebration of sustainability and innovation.