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AH Glass Fencing

Featuring 12mm-thick clear glass and stainless steel spigots in a mirror finish, the fencing that surrounds this minimal outdoor design is vital to achieving a seamless aesthetic. With vibrancy at the heart of the design, which features plenty of lush flora and a brilliant blue pool surface, the focus is able to remain on the environment as a result of the subtle appearance of the fencing. Likewise, the carefully selected soft-close hinges and latches are not only of high quality, but have also been chosen to blend cohesively with the entire design.

The safety-compliant glass fencing was a crucial aspect of this design, bringing to life the homeowner’s dream outdoor area through the creation of a safe space that looks fantastic, while requiring minimal maintenance. During the installation process EnduroShield was used; the water-repelling product is suitable for a range of surfaces, and ensures the homeowners needn’t spend excessive time cleaning. As EnduroShield repels grime and dirt along with water, it also encourages environmental friendliness as less water is needed for regular surface cleaning.

A H Glass Fencing is a Sydney-based company that specialises in glass fencing and balustrading options for residential environments, including pool surrounds, balconies and any additional spaces in need of improved safety. Not only will the team install your selected barrier solutions, but it will also supply all relevant materials including the glass and fittings.

The company prioritises exceptional customer service, and will work with you to create a safe space that suits your unique needs. A H Glass Fencing is committed to providing visually appealing fences and balustrades that meet the stringent Australian safety standards, so you can rest assured your home will be as safe as it is stylish.


AH Glass Fencing

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AH Fencing