Sunset Pools (Renovations)

Sunset Pools (Renovations) Sunset Pools (Renovations) Sunset Pools (Renovations) Sunset Pools (Renovations) Sunset Pools (Renovations) Sunset Pools (Renovations) Sunset Pools (Renovations)
  • Address: 3/269 Victoria Road, Rydalmere
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As the saying goes, if you want something done well, do it yourself. Owning his own pool company certainly helped when accomplished Sydney pool designer Ben Thompson decided to design and build his own family’s pool and spa.As one would expect, 20 years of practical expertise plus his insights into the industry’s most advanced techniques and emerging technologies equipped Thompson with a depth of knowledge and an intrinsic ability to incorporate the latest advances to their full potential.

This sophisticated pool of modest proportions – 5m x 2.5m – is the result of Thompson’s innovative gold medal-winning approach and his ability to ingeniously integrate the industry’s best cutting-edge control systems.

Secreted below every surface is an array of technologies that equip Thompson’s outwardly tranquil pool with a variety of appealing functions. Changing from a relaxing plunge pool to an invigorating oversized spa, Thompson can select a favourite music track, TV show, mood lighting and adjust water temperature via his mobile phone.

Thompson went to great lengths to ensure that he delivered everything his family desired. The heating intakes are positioned inside the pool to optimise thermal efficiency, while as a child safety provision, the spa jets’ suction lines take water from the separate balance tank.

The pool features numerous elements most pool designers never consider, such as an integrated drinks cabinet and an après-swim outdoor shower. Cold refreshments are available without leaving the water, plus a warm shower is guaranteed.

Mirrors installed along the pool’s edge create the illusion of a much larger pool, while an inventive ledge just millimetres beneath the water’s surface forms a comfortable head or arm rest above the spa’s seating.

Travertine pool coping merges seamlessly with the garden’s paving, while the bold sandstone wall conceals the filtration plant and the entertaining area’s integrated audio visual equipment.

Sunset Pools is renowned for the design and construction of adventurous pools and one-off special projects. This pool has achieved recognition, winning six pool industry design, innovation and sustainability awards, including a 2014 Master Builders Association of New South Wales award, adding to Sunset Pools’ reputation for innovative and exciting projects.

“I put no less care or effort into designing and constructing other people’s pools and spas,” says Thompson. “Every new Sunset pool or renovation must meet the same exacting standards and become, like my own family’s pool, a true asset that its proud owners will enjoy for many years to come.”