Backyard Pool & Solar (Renovations)

Backyard Pool & Solar (Renovations) Backyard Pool & Solar (Renovations) Backyard Pool & Solar (Renovations) Backyard Pool & Solar (Renovations) Backyard Pool & Solar (Renovations) Backyard Pool & Solar (Renovations)
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This project presented Backyard Pool & Solar with a 1970s pool that was looking very tired and in need of a makeover, with a deteriorated white Marblesheen interior and out-dated brick coping. This was paired with a dysfunctional area around the pool that did not suit the homeowners’ needs.

The homeowners wanted their renovated space to include a spa which, while level with the pool, would appear to be a separate entity. To fulfil this, Backyard Pool & Solar linked the new spa to the pool via a channel, ensuring a safe walkway between the two.

The team stripped back the existing pool to the concrete shell and fully-tiled both the pool and new spa in ‘Sapphire Blue’ glass mosaic tiles from Ezzari’s Niebla range. Giving careful consideration to the pool’s surrounds, Backyard Pool & Solar selected granite, which was grit-blasted to give it grip.

As part of the project, the pool equipment was relocated and updated, which included the installation of a new Zodiac MagnaPool system. All of the pool and spa equipment is now housed in an acoustic filter box from The Filter Box Company.

Using Zodiac’s iAquaLink system, the homeowners can operate the spa remotely using any internet device. While in the spa, all aspects of the pool and spa operation can also be controlled by a PDA palm remote that is linked to the iAquaLink system, so no devices need to be near the water.

Two Aqua-Quip flush-mounted multi-coloured LED lights were installed in the spa, complementing the new surface-mounted light in the pool. A Zodiac Legacy gas heater allows the spa to be heated in
approximately 20 minutes. Also featuring eight Venturi jets and a Waterco Whisperair blower, the new spa is a great place to sit back and relax or entertain family and friends.

What was once a very tired and uninviting area of the property has been transformed into a space that is enjoyed year-round and has already been a huge hit with the clients’ children.

Specialising in pool renovations, Backyard Pool & Solar was established more than 10 years ago. Based on Sydney’s North Shore, the company has completed many transformations like the project featured here. The team prides itself on quality workmanship, with a strong focus on customer service.

If you have an eyesore in your backyard and would like to give it a makeover, Backyard Pool & Solar understands the importance outdoor living has in the modern Australian family experience and is focused on creating a living space custom-made to entice relaxation and fun into the lives of you and your family.