Kool Pools NSW Pty Ltd

Kool Pools NSW Pty Ltd
  • Address: 18 Milford Road, Miranda
  • Phone: 02) 9540 3440
  • Fax: (02) 9540 3440
  • Mobile: 0418 251 962



Kool Pools’ designer and builder Ken Harden has close to 40 years experience in the pool building industry, and the benefit of his experience can be seen in the featured pool, which has a simple yet striking look.

The 6m x 3m concrete pool was designed with a certain lifestyle in mind. Ken worked in conjuction with the owner to design a pool with clean lines that was able to be used for a variety of activities in every day life. The positioning of the pool makes the most of the waterside view and greatly enhances the relaxing mood of the whole area.

Adding to its sleek aesthetic is the Aquastar flush fitting lights with stainless steel rims that let the owners use the pool day or night. Saltwater is used to keep the pool sanitised, as well as a Waterco filter and pump. Granite coping and timber decking around the pool completes the stylish look of the whole design.

Kool Pools specialises in concrete pools, both new and renovations. They build in the Sydney and outer Sydney areas. Ken has been building pools since the age of 18. He branched out on his own at 25 and been in the business since. Through his years of experience he has developed the skills to make him an expert in his field. He has an eye for detail and you can rely on him to create a pool that fits your needs and lifestyles. With his knowledge, he can transform any site into a swimming oasis.