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This sensational pool with unique views of the sydney Harbour Bridge was built by Artesian Pools to fully embrace its surroundings. An infinity edge was included between a space in the frameless glass fencing to highlight the fantastic scenery.

Natural materials were used in the project to blend with the house and enhance the harbour views. ezzari glass mosaic tiles were used within the pool to reflect the blue-green colours of the seascape, while sandstone and granite tiles were used around the pool to complement the natural rocks and existing retaining wall.

Working on a steep area that was nestled against the house, Artesian Pools built a concrete support structure as a foundation for the pool. The team fitted the pool with a spa King blower and air jets to create movement that echoes the water in the harbour.

Since its inception, Artesian Pools has become renowned for its quality pools. The company is currently owned and operated by Zeb Rodrigues, who has more than 25 years of experience in the pool industry as a licensed builder.

Operating in sydney, Artesian Pools builds 20–30 pools per year, and prides itself on quality over quantity. This is evident in the numerous awards it has won since 2011. Most recently, in 2016, the company won the Master Builders Association (MBA) excellence in Pool Award for both the Residential spas and lap Pools categories.

Artesian Pools specialises in the design and construction of concrete pools, with a sophisticated range of finishes, detailed workmanship and quality equipment to fulfil any request. The team at Artesian Pools rises to the challenges that difficult and awkward spaces may present, due to its wealth of experience and solution-oriented approach.

Project 1



The beautiful pool featured here is a functional addition to this outdoor space and is not only practical, but elegantly designed. No matter the weather, this plunge pool can be used to cool off in the summer or warm up in the winter, as it functions as a spa as well as a pool.

The homeowners wanted to create a Persian-style courtyard for the new outdoor space, and this vision has been perfectly executed with the beautiful Bisazza tiles, which complement the interior of the home, as well as the use of wood as a coping material. The combination of these textures gives this pool a striking Persian feel, while still tying in perfectly with the brick, glass, steel, timber and terracotta that was also used.

The vibrant bougainvillea plant on the white-washed brick also creates a striking contrast and draws attention to the beautiful sheer-descent water feature, which is the focal point of the courtyard.

The plunge pool fits neatly into one corner of the courtyard, which leaves the rest of the outdoor area available for entertaining. The pool equipment is also located under the walkway, which links to the main house and the studio, allowing it to be hidden from view and reducing clutter.

Artesian Pools specialises in the design and construction of concrete pools, offering the most sophisticated range of finishes, detailed workmanship and quality equipment. Based in Sydney, the company builds up to 30 pools each year throughout New South Wales.

A focus on quality over quantity has seen the company repeatedly recognised at the Master Builders Association of New South Wales Excellence Awards, most recently winning the Traditional or Geometric Concrete Pool in the $50,001–$100,000 category at the 2014 awards.

The company is led by Zeb Rodrigues, a licensed builder with more than 20 years of experience in the pool industry. Artesian Pools can design a pool to suit any backyard, including difficult sites and awkward spaces. The team can also recommend professional landscape designers to provide the finishing touch.

Project 2



Artesian Pools worked closely with the owners of this harbour-side property to create a relaxing and family-friendly space that can be enjoyed year-round. It was essential for the new pool to make the most of the property’s clear ocean views, to create a seamless integration between the property and its idyllic surrounds.

Located at the back of the house, the pool maximises the available space. By including a cabana, Artesian Pools has also ensured the homeowners have easy access to a host of facilities that make outdoor entertaining easy. Blue Spanish glass tiles have been used for the pool interior, while natural travertine paving has been installed around the edge of the pool to ensure the pool complements its surrounds.

The pool was built below sea level, which restricted access to the site during construction. This meant that the excavator and all of the materials had to be delivered by barge. Despite countless obstacles, Artesian Pools was still able to fulfil the homeowners’ brief.

Featuring frameless glass fencing, gas heating and Spa Electric LED lights, as well as four spa jets and a Spa King Blower, the pool is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Artesian Pools is a locally-based Sydney company that specialises in the design and construction of concrete pools. The company offers a sophisticated range of finishes, detailed workmanship and quality equipment, to ensure your needs are met.

Completing approximately 30 projects per year, Artesian Pools’ work has been recognised by the Master Builders Association (MBA) on multiple occasions. At the 2016 MBA Excellence in Swimming Pool Awards, the company received a host of accolades for its excellence in swimming pool and spa construction, including Winner for both the spa and lap pool category.

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