Lifestyle Barbeques

Lifestyle Barbeques
  • Address: 113A Fairford Road, Padstow
  • Phone: (02) 9773 6245

We strive to provide Outdoor Kitchen cooking appliances that will last your lifetime. Like any other room in your house you expect your appliances to last, so why should your Outdoor Kitchen be any different. We believe in high quality BBQs and Outdoor Kitchens which is why our range of barbeque products is second to none.

Enhance your Outdoor Kitchen with a BBQ

If you want a BBQ or Outdoor Kitchen that will add another dimension to your home, your family and your social life then you need a Lifestyle Barbecue or Outdoor Kitchen. We will work with you to find the barbecue that suits you, your family and your home. We have an extensive selection of stainless steel and built in BBQs with plenty of options for everyone.

Our phone is not answered by a machine with number options. When you call us you will speak to a real human who knows about barbeques, Outdoor Kitchens and how to cook with them.