Dimension One Glass Fencing

Dimension One Glass Fencing
  • Address: 43 Wellington Street, Riverstone
  • Phone: 1300 314 527



After spending time and money on an appealing pool and landscape, the owners of this home wanted an unobtrusive safety barrier which would not mask the surrounding views. The solution was the modest, soft lines of the featured fencing system.

The low profile post system by Dimension One Glass Fencing is an entirely new and unique product never before seen on the glass fencing market. The three-quarter post allows a magnificent frameless glass look for the price of a semi-frameless glass fence.

This innovative system incorporates 50mm wide, high wind rated, square anodised posts with stainless steel tapered caps and an optional lighting system. The LED premier lighting system provides perimeter lighting, and is a great addition for those wanting to show off their new pool or entertaining space.

Whatever your fencing needs, Dimension One Glass Fencing have over 30 years of experience and can provide a cost-effective solution.