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Better Than Before

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Better Than Before
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Blue Glass Pebble Company is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of unique, ultra-smooth glass-pebble finishes, which are available in a range of vibrant colours. The company has initiated ongoing advancements across the board, from the quality of their individual raw materials to the specific and varied ratios in their highly specialised premixed glass-pebble finish recipes. These improvements have both enhanced the experience of using their product for customers and improved the aesthetic brilliance of the glass-pebble finish. Further, the company has raised the bar for quality of pool finishes and taken pool interior aesthetics to a whole new level.

Blue Glass Pebble Company’s award-winning pool interior products are now even smoother, warmer and infinitely more beautiful than their traditional counterparts. One of the achievements Blue Glass Pebble Company is most proud of is its ability to supply its premixed glass-pebble finish products to any builder or pebble interior applicator in any market and be completely confident in its suitability. For more information on the company’s superior product range, visit Blue Glass Pebble Company’s website today.


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