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The Sweet Smell of Relaxation

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The Sweet Smell of Relaxation

Take relaxation to the next level with aromatherapy specifically designed for spas and hot tubs. Elena Papargiris discovers the soothing and therapeutic benefits associated with particular aromas and essential oils that will help you unwind and further enhance your home spa experience.

Imagine sinking into a soothing spa after a long day and being able to dial in the mood you wish to experience as you soak in and inhale sweet aromatic oils.

The ancient, traditional remedy of aromatherapy has long been associated with being able to stimulate the mind to elicit that much-desired, calm state of relaxation.

Aromatherapy specifically designed for spas and hot tubs offers a range of health and wellbeing benefits. It can be dispensed into spa water via specialised forms so that the clarity of water remains consistent and residue is kept to a minimum.

The sweet scents combine with warm water and through the spa’s bubbling jets to soften your skin, influence your mood and in-turn increase the enjoyment and relaxation you experience after using your spa.


Traditionally a form of alternative, natural therapy, aromatherapy dates back to thousands of years ago. The relaxation and altering of one’s state-of-mind induced by evaporating fragrances has been a therapy known and implemented since ancient times.

Using organic resources extracted from leaves, flowers, roots, bark, seeds and buds, otherwise known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds, aromatherapy is designed to help you relax, and may assist with minor discomforts or ailments.

The specific fragrances of essential oils have been proven to assist with colds, insomnia, migraines, muscular pain and relieve stress or anxiety when inhaled, as aromatherapy is believed to trigger the limbic system of the brain
linked with emotion.

Be mindful before selecting a scent, and be wary of products that contain synthetic fragrances as they will not have the same therapeutic properties as essential oils.


Aromatherapy products specifically designed for spas and hot tubs are most commonly available as essential fragrant oils in the form of hardened, dissolvable beads or crystals that disperse into warm water and dissolve, releasing your choice of fragrance, and are formulated to keep your spa in good condition. Other more traditional forms include floating candles and oils.

If you already own a spa, first check if it contains a built-in aromatherapy dispenser, and if you are yet to invest in a spa or hot tub, it is well worth investing in one that includes such a port.

Aromatherapy canisters are used by many Australian-made spas including Signature and Lanark. Built-in dispensers will take specific spa aromatherapy cartridges that slot right into the dispenser, or can be filled with beads or crystals designed for spas.

Built-in dispensers are a preferred option for aromatherapy dispersion, as they’re specifically designed to release calming or mood-enhancing aromas without harshly affecting the chemistry of the water and are highly convenient.

The most popular, highest-quality beads or crystals for purchase allow the scent to be dispersed through air bubbles so that the spa water remains clear, as you sit-back and relax without a worry, and indulge in your spa aromatherapy experience. The system relies on air instead of liquid to infuse aromatic bubbles into the water.

If you already own a spa that does not feature a built-in dispenser, you can also purchase specifically formulated aromatherapy scents that mix straight into the spa water. These crystals or oils will relax and soothe tired muscles with emollients, minerals and softeners, providing further benefits in addition to the aromatherapy scent.

Most products designed for spa aromatherapy will not cause clouding of the water and will be made to dissolve effectively without interfering with water chemistry levels, so ensure you’re choosing products specifically designed for spas or hot tubs, as other generic aromatherapy products may cause residue, clouding or interfere with your heaters and pumps.


There is a scent available for whatever mood you’re hoping to provoke through your spa aromatherapy experience, so it’s good to know what you’re choosing aside from a preferred smell.

In general, orange and citrus spa and hot tub aromatherapy scents will be invigorating, vanilla is associated with comfort, coconut scents are thought to heighten sensuality, berry scents are likened to relaxation, and apple aromas should bring about a feeling of euphoria. In addition, studies have shown that lavender and rosemary decrease the stress hormone, cortisol.

To induce a greater calming sense, whether you’re stressed or just want to increase the relaxing experience of indulging in your spa, opt for lemon balm or mandarin. Other relaxation inducing scents include juniper, bergamot, clay, jasmine, lavender, pine, fir and spruce.

Eucalyptus will assist with cold and flu, and tangerine, lavender or basil are good options for aiding insomnia, while peppermint and basil are said to be great for assisting with migraines. If you have sore or tired muscles, opt for rosemary, lavender or nutmeg.

One of the other more practical bonuses of spa aromatherapy is the masking of harsh chemical smells. If you are usually bothered by the aroma of chlorine or other chemicals, you will find this a simple, yet effective benefit.

Delve deeper into the relaxation your spa or hot tub can provide. Aromatherapy products specifically formulated for spas and hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons, including the pleasant smell, the therapeutic qualities and for making skin feel smoother and more refreshed after your spa experience.

Allow yourself to completely unwind and get the most out of your spa by investing in the spa aromatherapy products that best suit your spa or hot tub.

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